Video Diary | Fruit picking with family

Posted by Liza Koifman on september 25, 2016
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We love getting out in nature whenever we can. Since apples are in season we decided to spend the first Sunday of autumn picking apples and pears with the kids. The West Fruit Gardens are amazing here in Amsterdam (Fruittuin van West in Dutch). They grow all kinds of organic fruits and berries which you can pick yourself. With a couple of hundred chickens walking around you may even pick up some eggs while you’re at

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This is my, slightly healthier, version of the French classic. I have made it for years for our long weekend breakfast hangouts. Perfect for Sundays. When breakfasts tend to stretch into lunches. The variations for the fillings are endless. All kinds of cheeses, roasted veggies, onions and even bacon if you are not a vegetarian.   If you are making two to four parcels, there will be batter left. I love to cook up a

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This is a very versatile recipe. Serve it as a hearty snack when you have friends over for drinks or pack it for lunch. Great for late summer picnics and barbeques and of course you can have it for dinner as well. Sometimes I just make the chutney and top a bowl of rice with it. Sometimes I make the breads as well and serve a green salad with it. Naturally you don’t need to

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Birthdays are always great fun. I love going to birthday parties and I also love to plan them for my kids and loved ones. But when it comes to my own birthday I’m usually not as enthusiastic. I can’t really explain why I feel this way.  I just don’t feel like making a big deal out of it. A good cake though, always brings me joy. Especially a guilt free, homemade version which makes me

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