Considering the simplicity of the ingredients I believe this little side dish looks quite impressive. When I serve this to my kids they think we are celebrating and they get to eat something ‘naughty’ for dinner. Not realizing they’re having potatoes and cauliflower. It’s not that complicated to make either. A good high speed blender or a good food processor will help a great deal. But even if your cauliflower cream turns out a little

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Saag paneer pizza

Posted by Liza Koifman on januari 22, 2017
Category : dinner, recipes

Saag paneer was one of the first dishes I made when I started to get adventurous in the kitchen. That was about fifteen years ago and I still love making it. My favourite way of eating saag paneer is with some naan bread, which I love to dip in the smooth spinach deliciousness. Taken one step further by spooning the saag on top of my naan I realized that it was practically like having Indian

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