Video diary | Sunday market

Once a month there’s an amazing market going on in our beloved Westerpark. Many independent artists and designers are selling their crafts and there are food and drinks stands to die for. I never skip the vegetarian gyro truck. They make delicious wraps with fresh tzatziki. This time we indulged in some raw vegan red velvet cake and brownies as well. The hand reading lady told me that I have many creative interests and skills, but need to focus on a few projects instead of all of them. She might be right. She also thought that this period in my life is one of many changes. Career wise and in terms of personal development. That’s true without a doubt. I always get in a feelgood mood after visiting the Sunady Market. Can’t wait till the next one.

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Video diary | Highlanders

For ten years my hubby and I (we’re not actually married, but it feels weird to call him my boyfriend after all these years and having two kids together) were running a fashion retail business. Those were exciting times, but also times full of stress, long hours and no free time whatsoever. Since we shut down the company I took some time to reconnect with myself, my family, my city and most of all with nature. I can’t even grasp how magical this autumn has been. Maybe autumn was always this beautiful. I just never had time to pay attention. Thank you life, for giving me a new perspective on how beautiful you are.

Video Diary | At the goat farm

The goat farm in the Amsterdam forest is one of my kids favourite places to go. Whenever possible we drive up there to visit the white goats and the many chickens that swarm around in the hopes of having a piece of your lunch. We secretly feed the horse a carrot that Noah hides in his pocket. Even though the sign sais ‘no feeding’. We gather some eggs from the chicken hutches and get a large jar of raw goat’s milk which I use to make kefir at home. It’s always good to know where your food comes from and I really want the children to learn that at a young age. Connecting with the animals that provide food for you and being grateful to them is a value that I would like to pass to the next generation.

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