These cabbage rolls are based on a classic Russian dish that my mom used to make back in the days when we were still living in Russia. In my version I replaced minced meat with sticky rice and veggies and by adding Chinese five spice and sweet and sour sauce I almost transformed it into a Chinese take out dish. A healthier version that is πŸ˜‰   Ingredients: Large cabbage (I love the oxheart cabbage,

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Whenever I want to make a dish look festive or impressive I turn it into a pot pie. It’s a super easy way to upgrade your ordinary curries, stews and lentil soups. For this Christmas menu I decided to upgrade one of my favourite vegetarian stews: Caponata. I think the sweet and sour flavour and the meaty texture make the dish super addictive and comforting. You can make the filling a day or two in

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This is the ultimate comforting winter soup. I make it whenever I feel a bit under the weather. The ginger, garlic and chilli flakes are my weapons of choice when it comes to battling the flu. I make a large pot and eat it two or three days in a row. Ingredients: 300 grams red lentils 4 medium red beets 2 carrots 4 medium potatoes 100 grams green beans 1 small fennel 2 tablespoons tomato

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